Filter expression

When filtering data in a Power App, you can use mathematical symbols to setup conditions. But, instead of using symbols, […]

Home wizard

In preparation for the electric vehicle I installed a Home Wizard P1 meter and a Wifi water meter. The Home […]

Picture this

A picture is worth a thousand words.  If you’re seeking free images for your app or website, here are some excellent resources to explore: […]


Thanks to some rubber-ducking with Marcel at the Zwolle WordPress meeting, I discovered a solution for minor issues in the […]

New TypeScript project

To start a new TypeScript project in Visual Studio, follow these quick steps: Visual Studio Terminal tips Statement Description npm […]

TypeScript hackathon

10 April 2024, At the Mprise TypeScript hackathon we received the following problem: Hide a field on the Account form, […]

WP Security role

The Survival WordPress Plugin will be primarily used by referees and Team members. The team members want to know their […]

WordPress plugin

Why start from scratch and reinvent the wheel when you can use the WordPress boilerplate generator for writing the Survival […]