Every year I have to update some presentations used for training purposes. It is a tedious job and I wish that there’s a way to copy slides to a new presentation in a smart way. I need a Windows Command Line tool, written in C#, that will help me create new presentations based on old slides.


In the Microsoft online documentation I find information on the PowerPoint Object model. Then some pseudo code that will do what I need:

  • From C# code I create a new presentation 
  • for each topic
    • Create a new section with the name as the topic
    • Then add slides to that section
  • Save the newly created presentation

And then I used the following C# instructions:

  • Presentations.Add
  • Presentation.SectionProperties.AddSection
  • Presentation.Slides.InsertFromFile
  • Presentation.MoveToSectionStart
  • Presentation.SaveAs


  • Windows 10 operating system
  • OS Preferably a sandbox/virutal machine
  • Use this tool at your own risk!
  • Old (source) PowerPoint presentation file


Open this page and follow the instructions.