Rename files with regular expression in Total commander

To rename a set of files can be tricky in Windows. Especially when the file name contains a date / time / follow number. To rename a set of files I use the multiple renaming tool from Total Commander.

In the multiple renaming tool I can use a regular expression to find a specific (textual or numeric) value. I didn’t know how to write a reqular expression. But then I found this tutorial on regular expressions.

Quick start

  • Start the multiple rename tool
  • Check the option “RegEx” (Image, 1)
  • Specify the search string (Image, 2)
  • Check the new name (Image, 3)


Original file name

2019-07-26 14-44-20-IMG_6038.JPG

Regular expression

2019-07-26 14-\b[0-9][0-9]-[0-9][0-9]-



See also regular expressions examples.