Enhancing Time Slot Management in the Survival Plugin

In the context of the Survival Plugin, managing time slots efficiently is crucial. Initially, I used an array to represent time slots, but this approach had limitations. Specifically, when the time value in the score record changed, it didn’t automatically update all other scores associated with the same time slot. To address this, I’ve redesigned the plugin to incorporate a more robust solution: a dedicated table for time slots.

Here are the key improvements:

  1. Time Slot Table:
    • Instead of relying on an array, I now maintain a separate table specifically for time slots. This table allows for better organization and easier manipulation of time-related data.
    • Each row in the table represents a distinct time slot, making it straightforward to manage and track survival events.
  2. Splitting Time into Hour and Minute Fields:
    • To simplify handling time, I’ve split it into two distinct fields: hour and minute. This separation eliminates the need for a full date value, focusing solely on the time component.
    • For example, a time slot might be represented as “09:30,” indicating a start time of 9:30 AM.
  3. Calculated Field for Full Start Time:
    • To optimize performance, I’ve introduced a calculated field that dynamically generates the full start time based on the hour and minute columns.
    • This calculated field ensures consistency and accuracy, even if other data changes within the plugin.

By adopting this approach, the Survival Plugin achieves better time management, reduces complexity, and enhances overall performance. Teams can now engage in survival activities seamlessly, knowing that the time slots are well-organized and accurately represented.

Some fields from the create table statement:

Next insert some records into the time slot table. Only pass values for the ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ columns, and see what the start time column will show.

If a calculated field is possible, then I can add numerous columns with calculations. Mind you that the values needed for calculation are available within the same record.