I18n – Internationalization

Bo, the developer of the Survival plugin, faced a challenge: the plugin needed to display all text in Dutch, but its default setup was in English. Seeking a straightforward solution, Bo turned to Loco Translate, a powerful WordPress plugin that allows in-browser editing of translation files and seamless integration with automatic translation services. With Loco Translate, Bo created a new language file for Dutch and swiftly added the necessary translations. Now, the Survival plugin seamlessly serves its Dutch-speaking users.

Code remarks

Before starting the translation process, review all files to identify the content that needs translation. Pay attention to the Text Domain setting and consider the context, as these define the boundaries within which your translations will be applied.

* Plugin Name: BSO Survival
* Text Domain: bso-survival

Helper functions

After creating the new translation file(s), change the site language under general settings. And watch the result.