Generate an index file of your locally stored videos

I have a whole pile of videos on my external HD. How can I browse through the videos without having to navigate through all folders? This question triggered me to write a small app that builds an index file for my videos. Now I can add descriptions to each video in the generated index file.

General idea

Quick steps to a solution

First you need to run the generator application, then follow these steps:

  1. Locate the source folder (where the videos are stored)
  2. Define if you want to search for files in underlaying folders (recursive)
  3. Define what files you want to include (based on file extension)
  4. Specify a title (for your index file)
  5. Specify a sub title (optional sub title for index file)
  6. Go and generate the index file (the file will open when successfully generated)

Try this application at your own risk.