Quiz generator

In the blog “Well begun is half done” I wrote about a free JavaScript quiz engine. This blog is about a simple tool I wrote to generate content for the JSQuizEngine. I started with a list of what the tool must do.

Acceptance criteria for the tool

  1. Create and update quizzes
  2. Add/delete/update question
  3. A more controlled way of updating the answer for a question
  4. Browse through questions in a list
  5. Paste image URL into question
  6. Find question(s) based on description/answer
  7. Browse through a list of found questions
  8. Validate a list of questions, a smart way of correcting invalid questions
  9. Button to publish a quiz

Then I came up with this C# Windows Forms Application.

With this tool I enjoy creating new quizzes. And if I made a mistake in an existing quiz, I can re-open the existing quiz and change whatever needs to be updated.

Send me a personal message if you want to test this tool for free.